At Stokes Mazda, we know that looking at all the new Mazda models near Mount Pleasant is the fun part, but choosing whether to lease or purchase your favorite model can be a tough decision. From our friendly sales consultants to our knowledgeable Mazda finance center staff, our goal is to provide a worry-free car buying process. Your Mazda dealer near me is here to make sure you come to a decision that works best with your finances, so you can drive off in the vehicle you deserve.

If you are looking for an option with lower costs, consider leasing your Mazda instead of buying it. By leasing, your monthly payments are smaller, which also means your down payment is lower. The risk of depreciation is also not as great as you’ll only finance the value of the model during the lease term. When you buy, you have to pay full value for it. Flexibility is a factor too, as leasing gives you more time to decide if the car you bought is the car for you. If you end up not liking your choice, just turn it in when your lease is up and pick a different model.

Purchasing a new model at your Mazda dealer near Charleston, SC is a great idea for creating equity. When you buy, you’ll be putting money towards a loan until it is paid off. After that’s done, you own the car outright. There are also no mileage caps and penalty fees for damages to worry about. If you ever want to sell your Mazda, the build equity can be used for a down payment on the next car you buy on our lot.