Happy New Year! It’s the perfect time for goals and resolutions, and we at Stokes Mazda have a few recommendations for you to consider. As the driver of a Mazda3 or Mazda CX-5, you know how important it is to protect your investment, and with our tips, you can do just that. Not only do we have a world-class customer service team at the ready to help, but we also host an expert service center staff that assists with routine maintenance and repair.

The following are some of the different car resolutions that our local Mazda dealer suggests.

Vehicle Detailing – Even if you are not able to have your vehicle professionally detailed, there are many things you can do it keep it clean. Take the time to remove clutter and trash before vacuuming debris from the carpets. Clean the upholstery and wipe down all the hard surfaces inside as well as wash the exterior to remove road grime. We recommend performing these tasks at least once a month to preserve its value.

Tire Care – Your tires are crucial for daily driving and safety, which is why it’s important to visually check them routinely. Proper inflation and tread is crucial, and if you notice either isn’t at the optimal level, make an appointment in our car service center near Bluffton, SC.

Vehicle Maintenance – Regardless of the age or type of vehicle you drive, regular maintenance is key. Stay on top of scheduled services like oil changes, tire rotations, transmission service, fluid replenishment, and more to ensure an optimally running vehicle that’s equal parts safe and efficient. We are happy to help with all routine maintenance and repair in our Mazda service center!

Call the service team at (877) 999-7147 to set up an appointment as soon as today. You will find Stokes Mazda located at 3570 Ashley Phosphate Road in North Charleston, SC.